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Check Out the Gallery from Kansas City's Newest Wargaming Convention

We were thrilled with the turnout from March to Victory 2022!  Good games, new treasures to take home, tasty food and beverages.


We have so many ideas for 2023!  We hope you can make it!

Convention Floor 06.jpg

Glorious Games

Wasteland Warriors
Werewolves in London
Muskets & Mohawks
Battle of Endor
He Man: Valley of the Ancients
Victorian Airships
Star Wars - Covid Prime
Peril on the Frontier
Death Comes To Tugwaddle
Star Wars - Tantive IV
Break On Through - Vietnam
New France: Prisoner Exchange
Battle of Mobil Bay
Axis Allies 01.jpeg

Sumptuous Tables

Battleground 28 MM Vietnam
Star Wars
Wasteland Warriors
Battle for Endor
He Man: Valley of the Ancients
Victorian Airships
Gothic Horror in Victorian London
Battle Suit Alpha


Game Play - WW 08.jpeg
Game Play - Mobil Bay.jpeg
Game Play - Star Wars 02.jpeg
Game Play - Eat Hitler 02.jpg
Game Play - Battle Suit Alpha 01.jpeg
Game Play - Airships 02.jpeg
Convention Floor 09.jpg
Eat Hitler 02.jpg
Convention Floor 02.jpeg


VEndor - Wiley Games 02.jpg
Crowd Pic 02.jpeg

Family Fun

Game Play - Axis Allies.jpeg
Family Fun - Kids Win.jpeg


Battle Suit Alpha 04.jpeg
Cluckey 01.jpg
Frontier 01.jpeg
Aliens 02.jpeg
Mobil Bay 04.jpg
Joust 02.jpg
15 MM Fant 01.jpeg
Cluckey 04.jpg
WW 03.jpeg
TAnttive 43.jpg
Star Wars 29.jpeg
ToH 24.jpeg
Masters 11.jpeg
Muskets 02.jpeg
Fant 31.jpeg
Masters 10.jpeg
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