A craft brew fundraiser for March to Victory

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Wargaming fun in a brew pub atmosphere.  This is not your mom's basement.  We had 11 great tables and the all day gaming was grand.


Saturday, July 15th, 2023

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Raffle Prize Winners

(Prize winners did not have to be present to win.)

Tape Measure          Todd Reed

Tape Measure          Ronald Marcos Palma

Tape Measure          Mark Pokrzywnicki

Tape Measure          William Adcock

Tape Measure          Gabriel Garcia

Dice Tray                   Scott Mathews

Dice Tray                   Mark Feldman

Dice Tray                   David Mitchison

Dice Tray                   Todd Reed

Dice Tray                   Kris Williams

Deck of Choice         Dorian Sibert

Deck of Choice         Bill Johnson

Deck of Choice         Douglas Webster

Rules of Choice        Benjamin Kindt

Rules of Choice        Theodore Bender

Rules of Choice        Jay Arnold

Bundle of Choice     Scott Lindsey

Bundle of Choice     Miran Kramer

Bundle of Choice     Doug Streu

Grand Prize

Battle Suit Alpha Bundle with

2 Painted MECH lances & unit cards

Adam Crump

Door Prize Winners

(Prize winners did not have to be present to win.)

Youngest Wargamer


Rules of Choice

OLDest Wargamer

Doug Evans

Mug of Choice

Furthest distance

Bill Johnson

Deck of Choice

women wargamers

T-Shirt of Choice

Luckiest dice


Rules of Choice

unluckiest dice


Deck of Choice

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B&B - GI Joe - 01.jpg

"Laid back atmosphere and the variety of games. All the tables looked great."

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"Another fun event."

most heroic comeback

Lance White

Bundle of Choice

Most cinematic ending

Matt Johnson

Bundle of Choice

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"All very appealing to the wargaming pallet."

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B&B - Game Play - Star Wars 01.jpg
B&B - FIW - 05.jpg

"I would definitely road trip down to play and enjoy the atmosphere!"

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"The beautiful tables and the ability to not have to bring anything to play. I appreciate that all the minis, dice and rules were provided."

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Come join us next year!