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Up to 10 Vendor Spots Open!


$40    2 Tables, 2 chairs and 2 Admissions


  • There will be an electrical outlet for every 1-3 tables.  Electricity is no charge.  Please bring an extension cord if you require electricity.


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Lincoln, NE
15 years in business!
Nebraska's Best Gaming


We welcome new gamers every day and host regular leagues and tournament gameplay in the store throughout the year.


Gauntlet Games is 50% retail, 50% gaming space, and 100% excitement! We carry a huge selection of board games, tabletop games, card games, dice games, and role-playing games. In addition, we also carry an assortment of out-of-print and in-print used games, miniatures, and books!

If you're really into the hobby aspect of gaming, we have you covered with a large variety of paints, brushes, tools, terrain, storage solutions, card sleeves, and more. If it's not in stock, we can special order it and typically have it in the store for you within a few days. Furthermore, we host a number of new game demonstrations in the store, with dates posted on the Events Calendar, social media, and our in-store events board.

If you get thirsty or hungry while gaming here at the store, we offer a number of snack items and beverages to our customers at a reasonable price.

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Board Games, Card Games, Tabletop Games, Role Playing Games, Miniatures Games, Multiple Event Halls.

We are a brick and mortar game store in the historic heart of Independence, MO.


We believe good times with friends and family are what is really important. Browse our site to catch a glimpse of all the facets that make Game Cafe and come see us!

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Play Wiley Games.
Your miniatures will thank you.

The Fistful of Lead System is:

  • A D10 Game

  • Simple to Learn 

  • Miniature Agnostic

  • Easy to Customize

  • Infinitely Replayable

Fistful of Lead games are designed to be easy-to-learn for convention play. On each and every turn, the quick-draw card-driven system engages all players, creating those great Hollywood-style wargaming moments we all love.  Easy to learn for beginners (most people learn in 1-3 turns).  But, with the ability to add traits to your units, the advanced play will also satisfy the experienced wargamer.  

Each title we offer is a toolkit with scenarios, a cache of goodies that are STATTED up for you, ready for battle action.  Playability?  ENDLESS. This is a rule system designed so you and your miniatures can wage war in a universe of your making, with scenarios of your dreams.  We give you all the tools.  The only limits you have are self-imposed.

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Jayhawk Wargames

We sell BattlegroundHD rules, scenarios, unit cards, weapon cards and other materials. The BattlegroundHD rule set is perfect for any 20th to 21st century war.  Our first season is the Vietnam War : Operation Cedar Falls 1967.

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Our goal is to offer the highest quality figures available, rule books, terrain accessories, and other gaming accoutrements. We aim to provide quick and efficient service to our customers, while maintaining low and competitive prices.  We carry quality miniatures from Blaze Away, CP Models, Elhiem, Milicast, Platoon 20, and TQD Casting for wargaming including rule books, terrain, and other accessories



Dead Man's Figs (Brian Beal)

Painted and unpainted minis of all periods and scales. 

Napoleonic & WWII a speciality.

March 24-26th 2023

Kansas City, Missouri


American Legion Post 499

499 MO-7 Hwy, Blue Springs, MO 64015


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